Ominous Fluttering in the Henhouse

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    Ominous Fluttering in the Henhouse
    By Wesley Pruden, The Washington Times
    November 11, 2005

    That noise in the chicken house is not panic among the hens about bird flu, but of chickens fluttering to roost.

    France heard them earlier in the week. The Jordanians, who heard them Wednesday night on hotel row in Amman, until then had regarded the killing regiments of al Qaeda as liberators, not terrorists. Polls had shown that two-thirds of the Jordanians thought so.

    Now one pollster says he expects "a sea change" in public opinion, a storm surge to wash away lethal complacency. Demonstrators in Amman ran through the streets crying for divine retribution against those who took the war on terror to the Hashemite kingdom: "Burn in hell, Abu Musab Zarqawi." (Chanting in unison is not always easy in Arabia.)

    Sentiment on placards held aloft in the streets was reprised from the land that many Jordanians had decried as the Great Satan only the day before yesterday: "Jordan, love it or leave it," and "Jordan's 9/11."

    This is the hard lesson that was first driven like a stake into the consciousness of Frenchmen, where a fortnight of violence that spread across 300 towns and cities is only beginning to subside. Nobody thinks France and Europe have seen the last of deadly sectarian strife.

    The deputy president of Iraq, visiting in Washington, told the Center for Strategic and International Studies that the growing strength of the new Iraqi government will compel al Qaeda to get out of Iraq, to search for new killing fields in neighboring countries.

    "Jordan is only an example of what we in Iraq thought would happen," said the deputy, Adil Abdul Mahdi. As al Qaeda is weakened in Iraq, as it has been weakened in Afghanistan, "we will see more and more shifting of terrorism from Iraq to neighboring countries and abroad."

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