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    I have had the opportunity in my life to serve with and meet some very outstanding Americans. All of them contributed greatly to this nation, some of them are still serving this nation never to return. Over the last few years, I've noticed many have become focused on a topic that is very near to those of whom who have given so much and to whom who's shoulders we all stand upon. From Rep. Paul Ryan, to the those that advocate for the outright removal of it, Social Security is a lifeline for many Seniors and disabled in this nation and allows them to live in dignity that they would not otherwise have. Look around you, your grandmother, grandfather, dad, mom, that favorite uncle, all of whom have enjoyed the benefits of Social Security and allowed them to live not a wealthy life in their Senior years but , one which offered them the ability to have something of a life filled with grace and dignity. From former President Reagan, to General Stormin Norman, to the war vet all of them have been able to enjoy the benefits of Social Security. It is NOT a bunch of people who wish to take without giving back, these generations of Americans have given us the Free nation in which we enjoy and in some cases they paid for that nation with their very lives and limbs. A little dignity in later life is a small price to pay for that. For those of you who advocate this as being part of an "entitlement" society, your damn right they are entitled to it, because NONE of us would exist if it were not for them nor would this nation or the things we take for granted today. You think that computer, the car you drive , etc. are inventions that someone who has not at one point or the other been on Social Security been a part of , look up at the moon in the sky at night, the American Flag planted there which brought honor to this nation, yes it was planted there by an American who now is no Social Security, many of them in fact. Lastly, our nation and any great nation is measured by the way in which it honors those that built it and those that are unable to care for themselves, if we as a nation no longer wish to remain great and it's every man for himself without honor, then we are no better than out cave man ancestors and will in fact move ourselves into a backwater status sooner rather than later.

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