Ohio cops join in on war against Christmas!

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    Drunken Student In Christmas Treejack BustOhio man, 21, collared for taking an ax to 30-foot pine

    IncreaseDecreaseDECEMBER 22--A drunken Ohio college student is facing a disorderly conduct rap for attempting to chop down a 30-foot pine tree that he intended to use as a Christmas tree.

    Grant Ison, a 21-year-old Miami University student, was collared last Sunday at 2:15 AM after his harebrained attempt to bring down the tree, which was in an alley off an Oxford street. When confronted by a cop--who asked Ison whether he was aware that the tree was 30 feet tall--the student replied, “I was going to just cut it down then cut off the top.”

    Drunken Student In Christmas Treejack Bust | The Smoking Gun

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