Officer who brought down Whitman dies

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    Officer who brought down Whitman dies

    Houston McCoy shunned spotlight since '66 massacre​

    27 Dec 2012


    The Austin Police Department said in a statement that "McCoy was known for being humble, kind and sensitive and was quick to point out that he was not the only officer to help end Whitman’s rampage."

    Whitman, a former Marine, positioned himself on the observation deck of the iconic tower on Aug. 1, 1966, and began firing. The shooter killed 16 people, including Austin Police Officer Billy Speed, and injured 32 others during a shooting spree.


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    Officer who brought down Whitman dies |

    Charles Whitman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia​

    Cause of death, Gunshot wounds to the head, neck and body. .... As he had many
    households to cover, on occasions, his parents used their car to assist their son
    ..... An autopsy conducted upon the body of Charles Whitman—approved by his
    ... They also said that a vascular malformation located around the tumor may
    have ... -

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