Off By Thousands and Mandate

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    Saturday, September 24, 2005
    Waiting on Ramsey Clark!

    Well, the Jew-hater just got off stage on CSPAN. (I thought this was an Anti-Iraq War Rally? Hmm...)

    ...The announcer just asked for Barbara to meet her friend at the "Socialist Liberation Tent"...

    Alexis Deveaux is reading her poetry, now. "Even the fish will chant, beware of the chickens who come home to roost (?)..."

    Gloria la Riva the Leader of the "Cuban 5" Freedom Movement is now celebrating the Atlanta Court's reversal of their sentences because there was too much Anti-Castro bias in Florida where they were sentenced.

    MAS Freedom Foundation speaker (Mahdi Bray) is now up, representing the Muslim American Society and Freedom Foundation. Esam Omeish the president of the MAS group is now up.

    (Man, you could have made a killing selling those Palestinian scarves!)

    A woman was on stage a bit ago talking about her meeting with Hugo Chavez in New York City last week and what a rush that was.

    Next Arab speaker is from the National Council of Arab Americans (check out the link I've added and look whose book they are promoting!) says he lives in a society of fear, blah, blah,...

    I thought this was going to be an Anti-Iraq War Rally but it's just a hodgepodge of extreme leftist groups taking turns at a microphone.

    The media promised the largest anti-war protests since the war began. I believe they're off by several thousand by the looks of things on CSPAN.

    The Londoners were out today as well. I think Big Ben has seen Bigger Protests.

    The advertised speakers list looks just as impressive (via Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs):

    The ANSWER Coalition will hold the largest anti-war protest since the beginning of the War in Iraq. The scheduled speakers include actress Jessica Lange; former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark; Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA); Cindy Sheehan, mother of soldier killed in Iraq; Rev. Jesse Jackson, and others.

    I guess, my favorite in that lineup would have to be Ramsey Clark. He's back home now in the states since he got canned from Saddam Hussein's Defense Team. They obviously weren't as impressed with Ramsey after they worked with him for a while. The word on the street was that the American's representing Saddam were "too controlling!"

    Ramsey Clark is back in the states after getting canned from his last gig as a lawyer representing Saddam Hussein.

    The fiercely anti-war (Anti-American) Clark has met with Saddam several times over the past 15 years and was considered a friend of Saddam's Iraq when it was hit by sanctions in 1990 for invading Kuwait.

    ...An embittered casualty of the '60s, and Attorney General for the LBJ administration, Clark assumed a leftist posture after leaving the Justice Department. He became the lawyer for anti-war protestor Philip Berrigan, headed a private probe into the FBI killings of Black Panthers Fred Hampton and Mark Clark, and travelled to Vietnam to condemn the bombing.

    In June 1980, with America mesmerized by the Iran hostage crisis, he joined a forum on "Crimes of America" in Tehran--the first of many such junkets. The '80s saw him globetrotting to schmooze with any dictator who happened to be on the White House shit-list...

    He has advised, among others, David Koresh, the leader of the Branch Davidian religious sect who died with 75 followers when U.S. federal agents stormed their compound in Waco, Texas in 1993.

    I hope some Republican is taping this fiasco somewhere. They could save some money, skip their convention in '08, and just show replays from this event today!

    Update: I do hope the transcript for this rally is made available. Another Pro-Chavez, Pro-Palestinian, Anti-Israeli protester just left the stage. For the media to say that this is an Anti-War Rally is quite a stretch. Now they are chanting, "End the Occupation!" It is Huge Anti-American Leftist Rally! The media should be sued for misrepresentation. This is MUCH MORE than an Anti-War Rally!

    Larry Holmes is speaking to about 30 people on a stage somewhere (oh, my word! That stage is the one on the National Mall!). All the cameras show are empty tents and about 20 people standing around. He just called out to the 30 people for a nation-wide strike! The ANSWER protest is rapping up (2:00 PM CST). The turnout at the National Mall, the pictures they are showing now as the protest winds down,... is pitiful.

    Update 2: (2:20 PM CST) Paul from Powerline is walking down the street with the protesters as they leave the mall (Huh?)... Oh, he's there on business, OK... He says that it is mostly the under-30 crowd. If that is true, it is not the "activism" that got them there, it's the "hormones"!

    Update 3: (4:45 PM CST) Protein Wisdom is just brilliant today.

    Update 4: (5:30 PM CST) Michelle Malkin has some interesting pictures posted from the rally.

    posted by Gateway Pundit at 9/24/2005 12:16:00 PM

    No1Dad said...

    One of the last speakers (a self professed communitst) was blaming the low turnout on AMTRAK.
    2:03 PM
    Anonymous said...

    Keep up the good work. People need to know that the protest and A.N.S.W.E.R. are anti-America, not just anti-war.

    The thing is, they never put their money where their mouth is. If they spent any time in the countries they wish America would be turned into, they'd change their tune.

    Instead, they doom the people in those countries to a life of despair. The people in those countries can't voice their opinions of their governments, and these wackos at the "protest" aren't helping them one bit.

    Meanwhile, the officials in those governments sit back and enjoy the "useful idiots" that are protesting in Washington today.
    2:06 PM
    Anonymous said...

    It's pretty ironic that the speakers would blame AMTRAK for a low turn out.

    I mean, AMTRAK is a government run/funded organization... Government run. That's exactly what these jokers want to turn the entire country into, and they can't see how ironic that the very thing they're protesting FOR is the same thing they're BLAMING for letting them down. Ha!

    These people are so entertaining.
    2:09 PM
    Gateway Pundit said...

    If the college kids would have turned this rally into a drinking game, they would be tanked right now! They could have picked any word from this list... Jew, Palestine, Chavez, oil,... to drink on, and be under the table right now!
    2:34 PM
    Anonymous said...

    I live in Chicago and remember two Black Panthers being killed by either the CPD or the Cook County Sheriff's Police. Were they Hampton and Clark or was that a different incident? I don't remember the FBI being directly invoved.
    2:58 PM
    David said...

    Don't forget imperialist, doing shots everytime the word imperialist is said would kill you.
    3:06 PM
    larwyn said...

    Thanks for keeping track of this for us.
    I have been trying to put
    the Tigerhawk link that gives complete timeline of
    Frist's stock sale, and refutes WaPo et. al. in comments sections on all who
    are buying the Spitzer
    Click here: TigerHawk
    Please discourage all conservative bloggers from
    falling hook line and sinker
    to line that will help
    Spitzer and (dear Lord) Hillary.

    Then I got truly lost in the
    new Hugh Hewitt created blog:

    Click here: One True God

    Hugh posts a question and 5/6 different theologians
    from different faiths weigh in.

    The First question was:
    Many answers are up. They
    are fascinating and do tie
    in with today's demonstration in D.C. when
    you realize that these are the people who support and promote the evil of socialism, against the nature of man, God's own creation.

    Please look in on this site.
    The next question is
    "SUFFERING" just posted today.

    Some may not view this as a
    very Christian thought, but
    the Left may put the MOVIE STARS and the FASHIONABLE
    ELITES out there as representive of their party.

    But when you get down to it,
    Kerry won the High School Dropout vote and the Post Grad vote. High School Graduates and those with College degrees voted for

    Really look at these people,
    who would really want to be
    in that club???

    Sorry, just feel that a fire
    hose and some Irish Spring
    could work wonders!
    3:50 PM
    esunola said...

    This is from the AP article posted on Fox News -

    Separately, hundreds of opponents of the World Bank (search) and International Monetary Fund (search) danced to the beat of drums in the Dupont Circle part of the city before marching toward the White House to join the anti-war protesters coming from the Ellipse.

    "Probably the justification offered for most wars is tied in with economics," said Jack Brady, 57, a Washington architect in the anti-IMF protest. "And the losers are the people, for the most part."

    Can't you just feel the passion?
    4:12 PM

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