Occupation intelligence recommends solving PA’s crisis fearing spread of protest

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    NAZARETH, (PIC)-- Israeli Security Services recommended the occupation government to find an immediate solution to PA's economic crisis, fearing protests against Palestinian government could turn to clashes between Palestinian angry protestors and the IOF.

    The protests are being eyed with growing concern by Israel, which fears the frustration against Palestinian leadership could lead into a third uprising against the Israeli occupation in the West Bank.

    Israeli security services ordered transferring immediate aid to PA due to its financial crisis, and "advancing certain transfers of tax revenues" collected by the occupation authorities, which are estimated at nearly $ 100 million a month, Hebrew radio reported on Tuesday morning.

    Israeli "Maariv" newspaper revealed on Tuesday that Israel conveyed urgent messages to the United States and the European Union demanding financial help to prevent the collapse of Abbas’s Authority, amid fears of Palestinian Authority potential collapse as a result of the deteriorating economic conditions.

    Occupation intelligence recommends solving PA

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