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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Iridescence, Jul 18, 2011.

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    Because I miss a thread from another forum... 'observation dump' and because *I* (hahaha) frequently have thoughts that apparently do not warrant a thread's topic they are important at the moment enough to share if I choose to do so....

    As a Christian (yikes)... Doctors, genetics, science, and such fascinate me. I really try to not seem to be the political ding bat *cringe* but politics seem to me to be the manipulative force that propels 'the other' things. Specifically religion and science... Perhaps the better term in many cases is 'spirituality' rather than religion, but to and for me as a wife and mother the practice, the proof of my spirit IS within my work. Hence, I use the term 'religion' but not without regard that to so many it does not have the same levels of meaning.

    Anyways. I used to write less complicated things. I used to write so many kiss kiss things that I'd have to then burn them because I'd embarrass myself. I seem to have lost the ability to readily share my thoughts at that same level... So instead it seems I am caught in some type of thought vacuum. Perhaps that will be the evidence of this thread, yet I am also hoping others will also come to share their thoughts and observations.

    Like... today I worked out (really not my thing). It seemed to make me forget about my hideous tooth and jaw achiness. *lola*

    Also, I came across Gerard F. Judd's book 'Good teeth birth to health'. I am already captivated by just the mere idea the man knows from his OWN experience. :)

    Anyways, the thing with the genome project(s) and such are at my heart and that is likely to only increase my focus on what others may find less 'political' accordingly.... :confused:

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