Obituary: Niki Lauda, 1949-2019

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    'The word “legend” is used far too often, but there’s no doubt that it should be applied to Niki Lauda.

    A three-time world champion, he led a life of remarkable achievement, on and off the track, in motor racing and in the airline business.

    He will always be remembered for the accident at the 1976 German GP that almost claimed his life. His subsequent comeback, overcoming physical and mental challenges to return to the very top of his game, is surely one of the most extraordinary stories in sporting history.

    He was also an utterly unique personality, never afraid to say exactly what he thought, and always ready to offer a perceptive insight in any situation.

    He coupled that with a wicked sense of fun that belied the outwardly serious and dour image that he had inadvertently fostered in his Ferrari years, when he scored grand prix wins with metronomic precision.'

    Obituary: Niki Lauda, 1949-2019 | Canadian Edition

    I never met the man - but he seemed an incredible person who led an incredible life.

    He will surely never be forgotten.
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