Obama's Weathermen call for another "Day of Rage"

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    Egypt's 'Day of Rage' has a familiar ring in Chicago. Reporting from Amman, Jordan — When the young Egyptian activists plotting President Hosni Mubarak's downfall summoned people to revolt on Jan. 25, they announced a Youm al Ghadad, a "Day of Rage," in which the masses would pour into the streets and tell authorities they'd had enough.

    In another era, for another struggle, Barack Obama's friend Bill Ayers and a group of young men and women who called themselves the Weathermen had put out the call to bring the war in Vietnam home in all its ferocity to the moneyed streets of Chicago's Gold Coast and other neighborhoods. The four-day rampage became known as the "Days of Rage."

    Hundreds Back Facebook Call for Saudi 'Day of Rage'

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