Obama's small business chief.."not heard one case of Obamacare hurting small business

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    Karen Mills, President Obama's Small Business Administration chief, claimed this morning on MSNBC that she has not heard one case of Obamacare hurting small business:

    Obama's Small Business Chief Has Not Heard One Case of Obamacare Hurting Small Business | The Weekly Standard

    Amazing isn't it.
    Here is one case of thousands examples that show how destructive ACA will be..
    Keith Murphy: How Obamacare will hurt my small business, others like it Under the law, here are my options:
    I and several other investors own a restaurant, which opened in downtown Manchester in 2007 with 22 employees. We have been successful, and my business now requires about 35 employees in the winter, peaking at about 100 in July before slowly shedding staff as my college-age servers and bartenders return to school in the fall.

    I could pay a fine of $2,000 per employee past the first 30 for not offering insurance. We peak at 100 employees every July, which means an annual fine of $140,000. This is about half of our profits, and obviously not a real option from a business standpoint.

    Option 2.
    I could stay under 50 employees.

    Option 3. Convert all employees to part time
    If I followed in Darden's footsteps, converted all of my employees to part-time status and never let them work more than 30 hours per week, my business would be exempt. If I am forced down this road for the sake of my business's survival, it will have a devastating impact on my employees, many of whom count on working full-time hours to pay their rent, support their children and pay their college tuition.

    "There is no way around the fact that Obamacare will force me to cut back hours, eliminate positions and abandon plans for future growth and hiring. "
    NOTE the source: Another View -- Keith Murphy: How Obamacare will hurt my small business, others like it | New Hampshire OPINION02

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