Obama's 'recovery' is the weakest in 60 years

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TheGreatGatsby, Jun 6, 2012.

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    Libs: I know that you haven't ever taken an economics class. Or if you did, you thought it was hocus pocus and you ignored it. Let me just school ya anyhow. One of the first things you learn, right about after supply and demand and limited resources is how the economy is cyclical. It has ups and downs but it has an equilibrium. Now they talk about how you can do things to permanently create a worse economy but otherwise the cyclical nature of the economy will not be reversed. You're just on a lower cycle.

    Well ladies and gentlemen that is exactly what Obama has done. He inherited an economy that was due to recover but he permanently stifled it and he made the 'recovery' much worse than it was going to be.

    Obama's 'Extraordinary' Economic Recovery Actually 6.5 Million Jobs Below Average - Investors.com

    The truth is that what O-Tard calls an 'extraordinary' recovery isn't even ordinary.

    Looking back at the ten prior recoveries, job growth was 6.9 percent at this point. It is 1.9 percent under Obama's leadership. That five percent is huge. That is plenty of working families losing literally billions of dollars. Thanks O-Tard. I'm glad that we could focus on food stamps and so-called 'free health care' at the expense of the economy.

    Had the economy rebounded according to the historic cycle, we'd have 6.5 million more jobs!

    And...and...and.... the unemployment rate would be under 7 percent. But let's not cry over spilled milk. Let's just take O-Tard at his word. He even said that if he can't get unemployment under 8 percent then he doesn't deserve a second term. Remember that libtards? Because the amateur thought that such a recovery was an inevitability he said that. And in truth, without his mental midget interference it would have been. So we'll just have to kick him out and say, thanks the fuck for nothing asshole. Go the fuck back to Kenya you fucking piece of shit infiltrating saboteur.
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    On the way to the Dark Tower.
    The Recoveryless Recovery.

    Obama 2012: Who You Gonna Believe, Me Or Your Own Lyin' Bank Account?

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