Obama's races speech is Pathetic

Discussion in 'Congress' started by Tiger, Mar 20, 2008.

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    Obama's races speech is Pathetic

    When are people going to get over themselves. Replace everywhere he says black, or African American with white and White American. and you will see how pathetic he is!! All people leave the church that says things not in line with Gods words, (thats why people go to church to hear about God) and what Wright said is not in line with Gods words. Church is not about black supremacy, get over the color of your skin and get on with life! It doesn't matter how many races you have in your blood line, or family line. I know blacks that don't act or speak with the ignorance as Obama. He is prejudice minded.

    He's also a hypocrite, pointing his finger at Hillary about funding the war, tax returns,etc.

    So how is this change you can believe in?

    If people want to stop the war just stop buying gas, or go to places like Flying J. Where the gas comes from the USA and Canada. Or go to the white house and picket there until Bush stops allowing the ones we are at war with from selling gas in the USA.

    It's all about selling Obama, like on Youtube where he controls the comments. Now, that's the change you can believe in no freedom of speech. With every thing he has done you see what you can expect from him if he becomes the next president. Time to wakeup!
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