Obama's new law, disabled to be able to participate in sports...

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    White House: Schools must open sports to disabled

    In a letter to schools due out Friday, Acting Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights Seth Galanter of the Department of Education says schools should provide "reasonable modifications" to allow disabled students to participate – for instance, providing a deaf track athlete with a flashing light that goes off simultaneously with the starter pistol that others hear.


    You know, this is really kind of silly because we've already got this. So called "normal" people can participate in the Special Olympics and are encouraged to do so, especially when they can compete against their own siblings, etc. I would rather see all the money for this stupid law go to the Special Olympics and make them better.

    Being a parent of two special needs kids, I'm all for "accommodations" but not redundancy and when we owe so much money that it's really stupid to start anything like this that's going to cost us even more money. Let's balance the budget first.

    PS, Special Needs kids can already participate in "normal" athletics also, and they must provide "accommodations" for them. I do not understand why this even came up.

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