Obama’s immigration reform.

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    Obama wants to reform our “broken” immigration system, but it is not broken.. There is nothing wrong with our immigration system that enforcement of our immigration laws will not fix. Obama’s plan to fix our immigration system it to give illegal aliens a free pass to U.S. citizenship.
    Illegal aliens have broken our immigration system, abetted by our government who allow businesses to hire illegal aliens for cheap labor. Obama, fix our immigration system by enforcing our immigration laws against businesses hiring illegal aliens. Simple as that. If they cannot work they will leave with their anchor babies and they will not come. We do not have to raid businesses, round them up, put them on planes and deport them. We will not have to racially profile them. Sheriff Joe Arpaio would not have a job. When we insist that our immigration laws be enforced and we are called racists.
    Then put in place a real temporary worker’s program and enforce it, to do the jobs the farmers need done to get their crops to the markets. We cannot reward temporary workers with a path to citizenship either. They work, they get paid and that is their reward. They work and they leave after harvest season and they come back next year. If we give then a path to citizenship, they will go into the inner cities and take jobs and lower wages and the temporary work force become a revolving door to permanent legal residency and not temporary. More of the same, only legal.
    We have a program that allows control legal immigration that works. 185,000 immigrants are allowed in this country legally each year.
    We have border patrol agents that are fighting two wars, drug cartels and illegal aliens trying to enter illegally. If we enforce our immigration laws it would make their job easier and more successful because they will only have to deal with drug cartels. Now drugs and illegal aliens are crossing illegally. Illegal aliens, because businesses are still allowed to hire them. Why? Because our government won’t do a damn thing to enforce our immigration laws against businesses hiring illegal aliens.
    Raid business day and night. Stay on their backs and fine them instead of fining illegal aliens for crossing illegally and giving them amnesty. It is more lucrative to fine businesses than to fine illegal aliens a measly $5,000 for illegal entry. Amnesty is not a solution to fixing illegal immigration, it is the problem. The 1986 amnesty is a good example and since then, 20 million have entered.
    I know most illegal aliens are good hard working people who only want a better life, but we have immigration laws and they need to be enforced are we do not need to have them. Laws are not meant to be broken.
    There are legal avenues to enter this country. Some use them and some don’t think they have to use them, above the law, and those good hard working people become criminals. Felons.
    There is no way of knowing they are who they say they are or their identifications really are theirs and if they have prior criminal records.
    No one is really who they say they are.

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