Obama's EPA measure against Coal Plants: Worrysome or Talking Points?

Discussion in 'Energy' started by GHook93, Aug 23, 2011.

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    I am going with it being a talking point for the right! They (we) want to scream Obama is a job killer, which he is, and this move is one of them. Rather I believe he wants to get the old coal plants, which are being replaced anyways by the more efficient new plants, up to snuff with the HIGHLY effective Clean Air Act!

    I think we won't see any difference in our energy bill with this move.

    If you want to complain about Obama's energy program start with:
    (1) His refusal to allow off shore and deepsea drilling for oil. His refusal to allow drilling in ANWR or allowing us to exploit the oil shales in CO! Basically refusing to allow us to be oil independent.
    (2) His refusal to go forward with a campaign promise and push nuclear.
    (3) His refusal to allow us to tap our natural gas and allow up to the Saudi Arabia of natural gas!

    These are just crips!

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