Obama's Cap n Trade Lie

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    Obama’s Cap N Trade Lie | Newsflavor

    President Obama and his Democrats, while still scrambling to regain control of the healthcare debate disaster, continue to quietly plan for an eventual all out offensive regarding upcoming Cap n Trade legislation. Such legislation is not only counter productive to rebuilding a still greatly damaged American economy, but the actual goals within this potential and dangerous legislation are pure folly.

    The Democrat Cap n Trade legislation puts forth a goal of capping global carbon to 450 parts per million by 2050. Now for the average American, such a number by itself has very little meaning to them. The Democrats will simply smile and nod, and present the figure as proof of how they wish to save the world from dirty and abusive humankind. The evil Republicans of course care not for the planet, and will oppose this Cap n Trade legislation out of pure avarice - the earth be damned. And yet, where does the real evil of this legislation actually reside? Could it be in the asinine projections of lowered carbon emissions - projections based on pure folly meant only to justify yet another dangerous expansion of government upon private enterprise?

    Even such nations as France and Switzerland, often noted as the world leaders in CO2 reductions, would fall far short of the Democrat Cap n Trade CO2 reduction goals. Those nations would have to reduce their current emission levels by over 50%, an impossibility for nations already utilizing nearly 80 percent of their energy via CO2 neutral production by nuclear and hydro power. (Both these forms of energy production have long been under attack by environmentalists in the United States by the way…)

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