Obama's brief TV appearance today from New Orleans

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    Apparently having withdrawal from a few days without appearing televised in public, Obama's brief town hall meeting regarding healthcare in New Orleans today was televised.

    He sank to new lows in sneering and mocking and further dividing this nation. There wasn't a single presidential moment during the entire meeting. He appeared as a juvenile taunting another school child as a crowd gathered, and soon inflamed the passions of the adoring crowd until they leapt from their seats and cheered. Then, trying to capitalize on the power of the words that gained him favor, he repeated them over and over and over again...letting the cheers die down long enough to scoff, then repeating again.

    He said, "I don't quit!" "I am not tired." I'm just gettin, started." He smiled deviously as the crowd cheered, then repeated again.

    He commands absolutely no respect, but delights in derisive, divisive rhetoric, determined to shove his programs down the throats of those who want a fair, informed decision.

    The "great uniter" has become the "great divider" and is pleased with his work.

    I hope our next president is a black man with ethics, moral fiber, a love of his country and fellow man, and one who can step up to the podium and speak extemporaneously.

    Wouldn't it be nice to hear the leader of the free world saying, "Let's work together to make America strong again. Everyone's thoughts and ideas must be heard and considered in order to reach decisions that best unite our people and country and return our government to one that proudly serves the people.

    The sneering and mockery enjoyed by this man we call a president has reached an all-time low.

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