Obama's America 2012: If Nixon Only had the Press on His Side

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    The Middle East is on fire. Our ambassadors are targeted and unprotected. But it's not the One's fault.

    Our economy is on fire. But it's not the One's fault. It's the fault of the guy from four years ago, who only had to weather 9/11, the halt of travel and tourism, the dot.com crash, and Clinton's housing-Fannie/Freddie-orgy.

    America, I pray you're not that freaking stupid.

    The headline sings the party tune: "Death toll rises as protests rage over Muhammad-mocking video"

    Of course. Outrage over an obscure, weeks-old internet film spontaneously erupted coincidentally on September 11th. Peaceful, heartsick locals were spontaneously carrying rocket propelled grenades and launchers.

    Gee. Why does the media want this crisis to look like something other than premeditated attacks on the US and its government? Clash with favored narratives, maybe?

    At the same time that hateful enemies plotted bloody murder in desert lands...here at home liars in politics and their lapdogs in media declared that reluctance to outlaw co-pays for contraception was a WAR! War on women!

    What an unserious mass of malicious buffoons, and the public that believes them.

    The president's actions in the Middle East are worse and less forgivable than Jimmy Carter's because he had Carter's experience to learn from. The Shah was not replaced by liberal democracy, but by the ayatollahs and blood and horror. One can only conclude his position is: "I'm Barack Obama and I approve this trajectory."

    Sorry, Bibi, no time. Got a Vegas fundraiser and I'm trying to squeeze in a date on Letterman. But, you do know I value you people. Right? I mean, I can count on you?

    Obama's America 2012: If Nixon Only had the Press on His Side - Shawn Mitchell - Townhall Finance Conservative Columnists and Financial Commentary - Page 2

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