Obama's administration ADMITS they kill jobs... dispute the numbers!

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    Remember when you read this.. THE administration doesn't say THEY don't KILL jobs!

    They just dispute the NUMBER of jobs THEY KILL!

    And Obama blames everyone else? "Lazy American businesses"??

    Records of EPA...
    The Obama administration pressured analysts to change an environmental review to reflect fewer job losses from a proposed regulation, the contractors who worked on the review testified Friday.

    The dispute revolves around proposed changes to a rule regulating coal mining near streams and other waterways.
    The experts contracted to analyze the impact of the rule initially found that it would cost 7,000 coal jobs.

    But the contractors claim they were subsequently pressured to not only keep the findings under wraps but “revisit” the study in order to show less of an impact on jobs

    Obama Mining Scandal Emerges - Coal Mining - Fox Nation

    President Obama’s EPA,” Senator Inhofe said. “In the past two years, EPA has issued an unprecedented number of rules - known as the “EPA train wreck” - which are slowing the economy and killing jobs.

    Taken together, these regulations could cost upwards of a trillion dollars, destroy hundreds of thousands of jobs, and significantly raise energy prices for families, businesses, and farmers.

    Financial institutions job killing...

    On Sat., Oct. 1, new regulations from the Dodd-Frank financial overhaul go into effect on debit cards. Specifically, they impose price controls on “interchange fees,” the fees that banks and credit unions charge to retailers on debit card transactions.

    The average interchange fee is about 44 cents. The new rules limit the fees to 21 to 24 cents.

    “The costs of processing debit card transactions doesn’t go away because you limit the price,” said John Berlau, director of the Center for Investors and Entrepreneurs at the libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute.
    “That shifts the costs to consumers.”

    These fees are used by banks to offer free checking and rewards programs. But now those programs may be be coming to an end. Just 45% of noninterest checking accounts are now free, down from 65% last year, according to a recent survey by Bankrate.com.

    So folks... GUESS how many jobs are going to be lost due to these NEW
    "UNINTENDED consequences"?
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    In your head
    Democrat Barney Frank admits that his (Dodd-Frank) regulations kill jobs.

    CNBC Interview of Democrat Senator Barney Frank
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