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    Well, I guess I'd like to hear how the Obamaniacs are going to put lipstick on this pig.

    After chasing away all of the gulf oil companies,
    suing Boeing for creating 2000 jobs,
    allowing the FAA to lose funding,
    pissing away all the funds on the Failed Stimulus,
    screwing the GM investors out of the bond payments that they were holding,
    threatening to cut off the Social Security payments to Gramma,
    hiring 16,000 more IRS agents to enforce the unconstitutional Obamacare,
    turning loose the EPA to enforce regulations that were not passed by Congress,
    ignoring any remedy for the toxic assets,
    actively opposing the passage of any budget,
    actively promoting even more absurd and obscene overspending with the Big 0's budget proposal offered earlier this year,
    pushing the passage of any and all anti business regulation, legislation or strangulation,

    The Big 0 and the Democrats are now reaping the fruits of their labor. Minus more than 500 points on the DOW today. That's the most since the bubble burst in 2008.

    You just gotta hand it to the Big 0. He can burst a bubble when there's no bubble to burst. The guy's a savant.

    It's too bad we have no manure shortage. Everything this guy touches turns to just that. You might call it the Obama Touch.
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