Obamacare should end employer base healthcare.

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    because it is a rip off of employers and employees by private healthcare system. No one benefits more than the insurance company and their CEOs.

    Employers should not have to be responsible for employees healthcare. Employer’s base healthcare is healthcare at it’s worse. Everyone should be on an even playing field as for medical care. Employers pay for their employee’s healthcare and employees have to pay extra for their dependents healthcare and that is often unaffordable and not cost effective. Why should my employer have to pay for my healthcare any way? It often provide healthcare that employers cannot afford anyway because of high deductibles and co-payments. My daughter’s private sector employer pays $800 monthly for her healthcare but she has to pay extra for her children and she cannot afford to pay the deductible or extra for her children’s coverage. Results. No one gets medical care. And the private insurance company gets $800 and provides nothing.
    I never worked on a private sector job that paid for my healthcare and my dependents. I worked for the federal and state and it did cover my family.
    Obamacare should put an end to employer based healthcare and end the rip off of employers and employees by private insurance companies. Private healthcare system has driven up the cost of healthcare.
    Are tax payers paying for healthcare for Government employed Congress? If Congress can have government covered healthcare, why can’t I have Obamacare?

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