ObamaCare Kiss of Death

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    The Census is one of the few enumerated thing the federal government was supposed to take care of since the founding of the country and THEY CAN'T GET THAT RIGHT!

    I laugh at the Progressives who think they're getting a great deal with ObamaCare (ObamaCare is an unconstitutional taking of power by an out of control Marxist lead government)!

    Computer glitches hamper 2010 Census

    By Ed O'Keefe
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Friday, May 7, 2010

    "Frequent glitches in the computer system built to manage the 2010 Census could jeopardize its accuracy and drive up costs beyond its $15 billion price tag, according to a new watchdog report. "


    Did Obama get a 3AM call telling him he had to do the Census?

    Did it just creep up on Obama and Biden with no warning!

    Fucking retards -- all of you!

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