Obama. You lie.

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    OBAMA. YOU LIE.:eusa_liar:

    Arizona immigration does not allow someone who is Mexican looking, walking to the ice cream parlor with his anchor baby to be “harassed” and asked to show their immigration papers. Now if he slaps an old lady on his way, all bets or off. He’s going down. Obama should be ashamed to say such idiotic things and think the American people as so stupid to believe it. Maybe illegal aliens village idiot will believe you, because they is what they want to hear. From you, Sharpton, Jackson, Gutierrez, Sheila Jackson and Barbara Lee. This is “pandering” as it’s worse.

    Mexican, Asians, Whites, blacks, etc, young and old overwhelmingly support Arizona bill. Eleven state, and growing, is moving to follow Arizona.

    If obama des not hurry up with Comprehensive Immigration Reform, (amnesty) there want be any illegal aliens in this country to give amnesty to. Oh, shucks. :clap2:

    We need an “Ellis Island” on both borders and east, west and gulf coast. every immigrant coming into this country need to register, like immigrants of old did, to control immigration. We cannot afford uncontrolled unlimited immigration. Legal or illegal.
    And fine businesses a million dollars if they hire illegal aliens as president Reagan promised.

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