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    In Reality
    He dropped bombs in Libya without congressional approval. Biden and obama both said themselves during the Bush administration that if he went after Iran without congressional approval that he should be impeached. Now watch this.
    LiveLeak.com - Biden's warning to Bush: Bomb Iran and face impeachment
    Biden was threatening Bush if Bush decided to go after Iran, little did Biden know "Because he is so fucken ignorant of his own position and dumb, he could not draw impeachment charges on bush because he was just a senator at the time". This is one of the smartest people "We are told" in the world, , and he does not realize as a senator that he can not draw impeachment charges against the president, but the left in the audience, as gnorant as they are, buy right into it, that is why the left are what they are, dumbasses.
    Obama said the same thing when Bush was president about Iran, you cannot attack it without congressional approval. But yet, Obama launched cruise missiles against Libya without congressional approval. Does anyone see anything wrong with this?
    Obama is the new Bush. And I hope this pisses off the leftists, You deserve what you voted for, bitches.
    Obama has now violated the constitution 3 different times. You bastards said Bush violated it numerous times, but never gave proof "because there was none". Now, defend your tyrant against my charges.
    Biden would move to try and impeach Bush if he bypassed congress to bomb iran, and that is okay with the left, but when obama bypasses congres to bomb libya, it is perfectly fine. Double standard?
    As much as I hate the guy, I have to respect Kucinich, because he called for obamas impeachment, and also 7 members of the congressional black caucus "I guess they where racists too. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TR254RmiD1w"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TR254RmiD1w[/ame]
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