Obama Transportation Secretary: ‘This Is the End of Favoring Motorized Transportation

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    OH yeah, say goodbye to your cars. way to go people who voted for the Democrats..:lol:

    Wednesday, March 24, 2010
    By Terence P. Jeffrey, Editor-in-Chief

    Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. (AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari)(CNSNews.com) - Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has announced that federal transportation policies will no longer favor “motorized” transportation, such as cars and trucks, over “non-motorized” transportation, such as walking and bicycling.

    LaHood signed the new policy directive on March 11, the same day he attended a congressional reception for the National Bike Summit, a convention sponsored by a bicycling advocacy group, the League of American Bicyclists. LaHood publicly announced his agency’s new direction four days later in a posting on his blog—“Fast Lane: The Official Blog of the U.S. Secretary of Transportation”--where he effusively described it as a “sea change” for the United States.

    “Today, I want to announce a sea change,” LaHood wrote. “People across America who value bicycling should have a voice when it comes to transportation planning. This is the end of favoring motorized transportation at the expense of non-motorized.”

    all the rest here.
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    It's about time. It gets old having to cross three streets to get to the corner of the single intersection or walking two miles to get to a place where you won't be ticketed for jaywalking. Or having to wait up to five minutes for the light to change because the system won't let anyone else cross after the first five seconds, even though the cars going in your direction continue to have the green light for a lot longer than it takes to cross.

    So who were forced to get rid of their cars because of this?

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