Obama to black people: Stop complaining, stop crying, put on marching boots!!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bucs90, Sep 26, 2011.

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    Obama Tells Congressional Black Caucus To 'Stop Complaining' | Fox News

    This rant sounded downright creepy. Like he was trying to rally a group of European anarchists. "We have to PRESS ON!!!". He literally told black people to stop complaining, take off their slippers, and put on their "marching" boots. Had his white half said this, he'd be called the most racist president in US history. Luckily for Democrats, it was only his black half saying those things:eusa_angel:

    Oh, that sounds so hopey and changey and so positive.

    Doesn't Obama realize....they voted for him in expecting to get something in return, not to be told to keep marching behind him and hoping for something. He was supposed to pay their house and gas bills. He was supposed to give them money from his "stash", the Obama Stash.

    They don't wanna hear what you need them to do. They wanna hear what you are gonna give them.

    I just hope Chris Matthews doesn't "forget he was black for a moment" and confuse that rant against blacks as racist, as one must remember he is half black, and thus, half not racist in those remarks.

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