obama the likable deceiver

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    if you are undecided or uncertain or confused on this election, get educated with fair and balanced fox news. they invite liberals on to discuss topics and let you the viewer decided. the main stream media is slanted/ bias/ ridiculous.

    some of the lies: republicans want dirty air and dirty water, they want to do away with social security, they want to cut medicare, they want to throw granny off the cliff, they do not like woman, all lies. the truth is that these programs need to be fixed or be made solvent, so that folks 45 and younger will be able to have these benefits.

    the above lies and scare tactics are used to win the election, obama wants to divert folks away from his failed four years, everything is negative because he has nothing to speak about that has been productive. is success creating borrowing printing into debt, tripling in 4 years of what bush had in 8 years? is success 23 million americans out of work? is success having the lowest credit rating of any president? is success adding 4 million people to food stamps? is success trying to sue one of your states for upholding the immigration law? is success wanting to raise taxes on the working people to cover for his enabled people? is success allowing illegal immigrants to continue to enter this country? is success allowing amnesty for illegals that are here?

    dont we really need more tax payers in america vs raising taxes? that is truly a measure of success, people getting jobs and contributing to the country, not just taking from the country. the first one strengthens the country and the second weakens the country. its obvious that in four years obama cannot do this.

    he said when running for president he would unite americans, instead he has divided america. he is on video speaking to a group of black folks, telling them that the government does not care about them? this was in 2007 by fox news referring to katrina and a florida hurricane. he also introduced rev wright who was his pastor for twenty years, the man who quoted: not god bless america but god d.. america, great pastor, great influence huh! then while running for president in 2008, he admonished rev wright with his audience being mixed. so which is it? when he spoke to the blacks, he spoke in sort of street talk, for lack of a better word. when he spoke to a mixed group, he spoke clear english with no accent, why would you change?

    obama believes in redistributing wealth, taking someones money thats not his, thats communism. taking from the working folks and giving to the people he has enabled, this does nothing to strengthen the country but only to weaken it.

    the libya terrorist attack was known, but was not revealed as such, because they did not want people to know that his foreign policies are weak, especially for this election.

    i guess to sum this up, if you want a weak america where half of the people pull the wagon for the enabled and you have termoil in the country with problems like europe , then you vote obama. but if you want a strong america where the majority pulls the wagon, then you vote romney, its really that simple.

    if this deceiver mistakenly gets reelected, you will be shocked with the taxes that will be raised in 2013, because obamacare has to be paid for and all of the enabled people have to be paid for on the backs of the working people, because he could not help america in 4 years and he will not be able to help america in the next 4 years. thank you!
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    - get educated with fair and balanced fox news

    - the main stream media is slanted/ bias/ ridiculous.

    - obama believes in redistributing wealth, taking someones money thats not his, thats communism

    Just another hysterical Republican "Hail Mary" in a desperate attempt to "smear" Obama!

    All it does is further alienate the moderate swing voter - especially when the author has difficulties expressing themselves using proper English!
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