Obama lauds new Admin. org.- the "Atrocities Prevention Board"

Discussion in 'Law and Justice System' started by Trajan, Apr 27, 2012.

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    ( no, this isn't parody ala the Ministry of Silly Walks etc.....this is serious, really, I promise)

    why yes of course, so being an empty suits means bringing along an empty gesture.....speaking at the holocaust memorial he lauded his newest creation, the Atrocities Prevention Board.

    Don't we already have an org. that is supposed to address this stuff? The UN ( but are they 'holistic':eusa_think:?)

    Yup think so. Hows their record? Lets discuss, Rwanda. Whoops, no, actually lets not....how about the Balkans? ...:eusa_hand: Darfur?

    Libya? oh yea, the mini me madman, whom Assad makes look like a 4 year old sand box bully.,...so yea lets see, what did the newly frocked Atrocities Prevention Board have to say about Syria?....not much. :roilleyes: we need to spend money on this crap? really?

    And since the presidents 'handling' of Syria, Iran, Israel, Afghanistan has been sclerotic and confused to be kind, creating this board seems to be a schizophrenic but par for the course faux academic/intellectual warm blanket gesture to me....

    Oh and its chaired by Hillary basher Samantha Power, which is problematic at best too....not that it matters really.

    Obama creates atrocities prevention board - UPI.com

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