Obama just Officially tanked his presidency. Just called for more Gun Control

Discussion in 'Politics' started by teapartysamurai, Jul 26, 2012.

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    Obama calls for measures against gun violence - Washington Times

    No, what is the truth Mr. President, is that restrictive gun control only harms people who could protect themselves. Criminals don't obey the law.

    If someone had, had a gun in the theater, they could have SHOT the guy and ended the violence, period.

    This is great. And in an election year, no less, Obama calls for gun control.

    Do you KNOW what that is going to do with people who believe in the 2nd Amendment?

    Why doesn't Obama call for suspension of the first amendment? He might as well.

    And I bet you idiot libs will claim it's a conspiracy if Obama loses.

    That "IF" is quickly turning into a "WHEN" Obama loses.

    No one knows the future. But common sense is a good predicter. And common sense tells me, what Obama just did, was not very smart.


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