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    Top 10 reasons why Obama bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia

    10. That darn contact lens just won’t stay in.
    9. After all that’s how you say “hello” to your worshipful master.
    8. Wanted to make sure he wasn’t wearing the same shoes.
    7. Thought he might have dropped his pride in front of the king.
    6. Cause ass kissing doesn’t end with a handshake.
    5. Obama honestly thought he was beginning a karate match.
    4. Was dodging another question about the recession.
    3. “If you think that was something, wait till I meet the president of Japan”
    2. “…and 1, 2, 3, stretch, and 4,5,6 stretch…”
    1. His body still isn’t strong enough to hold up his head, which has gotten bigger during his campaign and first 100 days in office.

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