Obama is Shooting a Hog with a Shotgun

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    This (verbatim) is from Bob McTeer's blog (former head of Dallas Reserve Bank).


    A couple of years ago a friend invited me to go hunting with him on his place. He dropped me off at a likely spot for either wild turkeys or wild hogs. He left me with a shotgun for the turkeys and a rifle for the hogs. Not being experienced in such matters, I was afraid of getting it wrong. I keep mumbling to myself over and over: shotgun for turkeys; rifle for hogs.
    The original stimulus package, passed by the House, was huge-do you know that a trillion dollars is a million times a million dollars-yet the spending was so scattered and unfocused that it seemed unlikely to be effective anywhere.

    It didn't target areas of particular need. It didn't target areas with high concentrations of unemployment. It didn't focus on the housing problem. It didn't focus on "shovel ready" infrastructure projects. Huge and expensive as it was in the aggregate, it was too scattered and unfocused to be effective. They were trying to kill a wild hog with a shotgun.

    The president has assumed the role of head cheerleader for the package. He began selling it before it was written, which he apparently left to his party's far left wing. He continues to emphasize the need for speed and denigrates those who question its substance. Debate over content is derided as uncooperative in a national emergency. But some of us believe that content matters.

    Over the week-end, they put a little lipstick on the hog, but not enough. As they say, you can put lipstick on a hog, but it's still a hog.

    By the way, I got a turkey with the shotgun and a hog with the rifle. The hog went down, lay there for a minute, then jumped up and ran off. We never could find that hog. You don't suppose . . . .

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