Obama In LA Times: "If People Can't Spend, Markets Dry Up(?)"

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    Actually, Hollywood is more sophisticated now, in favor of the more chemical substance abuse. Venice Beach still knows about winos,and the absurdity of any liklihood of any, "drying up." America understands that. With the Total Credit Market , in the United States, variously put at somewhere between $35.0 tril., to $65.0 tril.: What Hollywood really understands a whole lot better is, "Generally Accepted Accounting Practices!"

    They would even say that New York City's famous Wall Street: Knows far more about GAAP, than even the studio execs.

    What mess are we in, even now? President Obama, Los Angeles Times, 3/24/2009, Opinion: ". . . we must restore the credit that businesses and consumers depend on. At home, we are working aggressively to stabilize our financial system. This includes an honest assessment of the balance sheets of our major banks, and will lead directly to lendingthat can help Americans purchase goods, stay in their homes, and grow their businesses."

    For a moment, focus on, "an honest assessment of the balance sheets of our major banks!" Bernie Madoff understood perfectally about, "Generally Accepted Accounting Practices."

    Later on, Obama: "The G-20 should quickly deploy resources to stabilize emerging markets, substantially boost the emergency capacity of the International Monetary Fund, and help regional banks accelerate lending."

    The banks in America, and even internationally, apparently know even more about GAAP than New York City's famous Wall Street!

    So there we have it. Her Majesty's PM, of the Great Chat at Davos, understands completely the famously Presbyterian take on the French, and their quaint phrasing about "Laizzez Faire." When left on their own, why then: Even the accountants understand about the aboriginie spirt that The Empire On Which The Sun Never Set: Had encountered, and even worldwide! Anyone notice how it even seems to guide so much of the Americans concept of intellect, influence, and "stability" in business affairs.

    Americans, doing business, really do seem to hate each other after all, and at basis do not seem capable of simple trust of one another. More as the Conservatives like to put it: They all just one big happy family, after all--in the way that some people, seem actually to understand, the prevailing Republican Concept of "Family Values." Recently, even the Holy Father seems on board--in the matter of values, applied in some manner to sex.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Wild Thing!. . . . You Make My Heart. . . . Sing! . . .You Make Everthing. . . .Groovy!)

    Obama of the Ivy League: "I know that America bears its share of responsibility for the mess that we all face. But I also know that we need not choose between a chaotic and unforgiving capitalism and an oppressive government-run economy. That is a false choice that will not serve or people or any people."

    Obama of the Ivy League: "The nations of the world have a stake in one another. . . Together, we can learn the lessons of this crisis and forge a prosperity that is enduring and secure for the 21st century."

    As we consider. . .the stakes. . . in one another.
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