*Obama Ideas: Ideals On The Rails*

Discussion in 'Politics' started by chesswarsnow, Dec 5, 2010.

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    Sorry bout that,

    1. Looks like the Obama train is barry soon derailed.
    2. First on the crash and burn wagon!
    3. Tax hikes!
    4. No one thinks raising taxes on *The People*, is a good idea, or a wanted ideal.
    5. Won't be long till we undue healthcare too.
    6. How's that grab you?
    7. Can Obama withstand whats coming at him?
    8. All that and a *Bag-O-Chips* right here on USMB!
    9. Link and sample:Senate blocks Obama's tax plan - Washington Times

    "The Senate blocked President Obama's and Democratic leaders' tax cut plans Saturday in a foreordained symbolic vote that now sends both sides back to the negotiating table to work out a viable deal.

    A bipartisan filibuster, led by unified Republicans and joined by four Democrats and one independent, proved there isn't enough support to back Mr. Obama's preferred option to extend income tax cuts for couples making less than $250,000 and tax increases for those making more than that."

    10. The kings wearing no cloths.


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