Obama: "I assumed that Ayers had been rehabilitated."

Discussion in 'Congress' started by The Paperboy, Oct 10, 2008.

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    Here's more of what that one said:

    To be honest that sounds pretty good and would make Ayers a non issue until you realize Obama is lying. Obama omits these facts:

    1. Obama was the Chairman of the Board of the Annenberg Project. So far there has ben no denial from Obama that Ayers was the one who hired him.

    2. Obama was in charge of disbursing over 100 million dollars to left wing school projects all of which failed. Funds went to a project run by Ayers and another run by Wright.

    3. Obama later served with Ayers on the Woods Foundation.

    4. Obama appeared with Ayers on stage at conferences sponsored by U of I one of which was organized by Michelle.

    5. Obama praised an Ayers' book in the Chicago Tribune.

    6. Obama remained in touch with Ayers by phone and email until Obama became a US Senator.

    7. Obama was friendly with Ayers according to his campaign manager.

    The questions are this:

    1. Is Obama an unrepentent liar?

    2. Did Obama support the left wing school projects that he gave money to through the Annenberg Project.
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    Who’s a terrorist? GW Bush & his gang lied us into a war that cost billions of dollars and thousands of lives. May have even allowed 9-11 to happen so they could push their radical agendas. Even says so in PNAC, which Bush & McCain are members of. Much more of a terrorist group than the committee Obama and Ayers sat together on. Google PNAC if you don’t know what it is or who the members are. They said they would need another 9-11 to push their radical agenda, and they got it, from a Bush family friend name Bin Ladin, who is still alive and free, because Bush let him get away, almost as if it was a family favor.

    How many people did Bill Ayers blow up? He wasn’t convicted, just like Bush hasn’t been convicted. If you want, we can send both to court to answer for their actions? Bush wouldn’t even show up. And John McCain is buddies with Charles Keating, served 5 years in prison for costing America $3 billion dollars back in the 80’s. Lot of money back then. Talk about a financial terrorist. And McCain actually played a role in that. Obama was 8 when Ayers protested Viet Nam. And Bill Ayers is a prominent Chicago professor. Do you answer for every person you’ve ever worked with? So Obama had coffee at his house and served on a committee, that by the way was put together by Annenberg, who’s wife now endorses McCain. So McCain has ties to terrorists too if you want to use the same logic. How about Ollie North? G Gordon Liddy?

    This guilt by association thing is stupid. I’m loving it that we aren’t just letting it happen. We’re fighting fire with fire. McCain has too many skeletons to pull this off. And he isn’t smooth enough to look sincere. And Palin went way too far firing up her base. Kill em? Terrorist? Sit down N*$&r? Are you kidding me? Who are the terrorists?

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