Obama going further left to try win an election makes zero sense

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TheGreatGatsby, Jun 19, 2012.

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    Time and time again, candidates move to the center at election time (particularly in presidential elections). That is where the undecideds are. Yet Obama has shockingly went further left. He has endorsed gay marriage, advocated amnesty, free contraceptive, etc. I guess I'm not totally surprised b/c I felt like he jumped into the deep end a long time ago. But can he possibly think that this is a winning strategy?

    Certainly he understands the idea of trying to stay in the center. That is why he has stated that he is not for federal gay marriage. That is why he has tried to pretend that he is not a spender (LMAO - That one still gets me).

    I think that Obama has made a serious error in judgment. But hey, his entire presidency has been an error in judgment.

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