Obama Flunks the 3 A.M. Test

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    The Axis of Evil Tortures Obama

    Joel J. Sprayregen
    The remnant of the Axis of Evil delights in torturing our President . Not just with words -- but with carefully timed "3 a.m." nuclear detonations and launches of inter-continental missiles capable of delivering WMDs. The North Koreans did so on Memorial Day, as well as in April as their riposte to Obama's Apology Trip to Europe. Tehran launched its own provocation last week.

    (Obama Flunks the 3 A.M. Test)


    Ahmadinejad Compares Us To Dogs

    "We send them a message. Today the Islamic Republic of Iran is running the show. We say to the superpowers, 'Who of you dare to threaten the Iranian nation? Raise your hand!' But they all stand there with hands behind their backs."

    In case these words were too subtle for the White House, Ahmadinejad added explication for countries urging restraint on Iran:

    "Like dogs, if you retreat they attack. If you attack, they retreat." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    American Thinker Blog: The Axis of Evil Tortures Obama

    Well Mr. Obama. are these guys messing with your head?

    Are you becoming their punk-b_ _ch?

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