Obama Executive Orders designed to ban owners, not guns

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    Obama Executive Orders designed to ban owners, not guns​

    By Doug Book

    Realizing that a shooting war with American citizens would not bode well for an Obama legacy which will already require a blanket guarantee of willful amnesia on the part of historians, the president’s handlers on Wednesday decided it best to propose an Executive ban on gun owners rather than on the guns they own.

    If fact, nowhere in the list of 23 executive actions recommended by Obama will the American public find the words, “these weapons will be banned” or “confiscation will begin on…” The president wisely left the heavy lifting of “assault weapons” bans and other unconstitutional offensives on the 2nd Amendment to congress, placing lawmakers in a rock-and-a-hard-spot position for which any existing red state Democrats are no doubt less than grateful. (1)

    But the scheme Obama did choose is far more insidious than any direct attack on the weapons of choice of American gun owners. For the president is seeking to disqualify by federal fiat the 2nd Amendment rights of gun owners themselves.

    How will it be accomplished? It’s all about the massive expansion of shared state and federal background check information currently unavailable to...


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