Obama, don’t punish me and my children.

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    By not punishing illegal aliens and their children. I paid for their children K-12 education. Don’t ask me to pay for their college when I cannot even pay for my own children’s college.
    If I go and commit a crime and go to jail, my children are not “get out of jail cards” for me, so why should children of illegal aliens be “get out of deportation cards” for their parents.
    Illegal aliens and Mexico are responsible for the children of Mexico’s education. Illegal aliens know what they are putting their children through when they bring them here illegally. Just like I would know what I am putting my children through when I commit a crime. (illegal immigration is a federal crime) (being here illegally is reason for deportation) (no statue of limitation of illegal immigration) Illegal aliens should be forced to do the responsible thing take their children back to Mexico to attend college. There are colleges in Mexico and there are grants and scholarships. If I immigrate to Mexico, I would have to pay for my children to go to K-12 and college.
    Don’t make problems of illegal aliens my problems. I have enough problems of my own. “Personality responsibility” apply to illegal aliens also. They have taken my job and lowered my wages and now want to take my children’s education and you want to help them. “Cold day in “you know where.” I will take responsibility for my children and children of poor Americans but I’ll be damned if I take responsibility for illegal aliens and their children. That goes double for anchor babies who is costing us more than Mexican born children.
    I bet my life that Sasha and Malia don’t even know what an illegal alien and anchor baby is and Obama and Michele had their college education paid for before they were even born and Obama’s job and wages are not being threaten by illegal aliens.
    Obama, get the %#(@ off my back and the backs of my children. I just gave my grand-daughter $400 to pay for safe parking while attending UNR.
    You have taken illegal immigration talks to illegal aliens and their children, so now bring those talks to me and mine in Reno.
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