Obama - Disaster For The Middle Class

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    What was not true in Obama's statement was the reference to tax cuts as government spending. Tax cuts involve money that does not belong to the government. "We" don't "spend" anything when "we" grant a tax cut. "We" simply allow people to keep more of their own money and use it as they see fit in the private sector of the economy.

    ". . . We've got this huge deficit, and everybody agrees that we need to do something about these deficits and these debts. So the money we're spending on these tax cuts for the wealthy is a major driver of our deficit, a major contributor to our deficit, costing us a trillion dollars over the next decade."

    The federal deficit is approaching $16 trillion. Obama's proposal, with its $250,000-a-year earnings cutoff, would raise $70 billion a year in revenue for the federal government. That's about half of what it will take to pay for the additional spending Obamacare will require, if it's allowed to stand. Anything Obama says about deficit reduction is a poorly delivered joke.
    ". . . Most people agree that we should not raise taxes on middle-class families or small businesses -- not when so many folks are just trying to get by. Not when so many folks are still digging themselves out of the hole that was created by this Great Recession that we had, and at a time when the recovery is still fragile."

    What recovery?

    And here's a news flash: A host of new and direct government-related costs, including but certainly not limited to Obamacare, are aimed straight at the middle class. They'll be followed by a slew of indirect costs, as businesses pass higher taxes, fees, etc., along to consumers.

    Middle class, whoever you are, be warned: All Obama wants is the re-election that only you can give him.

    He doesn't mind using you, but he's really not that into you. And if you give him what he wants, he's already planning to walk all over you.

    Choose wisely.


    Well, the morons on the left are all about slowing down the economy so they can get more of the wealth of the evil rich.....I wonder how they feel about the distribution even amongst themselves....it isn't like there are not a great many rich and aspiring democrats.......
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