Obama Buyer's Remorse

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    Obama Buyer’s Remorse | Newsflavor

    As Obama’s popularity continues to plummet, Americans are left asking what happened to the change they voted for…

    ....A more experienced and well run White House would never allow such a dispute between high level officials become public. This White House does in fact appear intent on utilizing the debate to score points with the liberal left in the country - but at what cost? Republicans will be outraged, but so too will the Independents, and it is that kind of glaring miscalculation that the Obama White House has repeatedly made on other critical issues such as the stimulus bill and healthcare.

    And yet, perhaps America is now simply reaping what it has sown? Barack Obama had no real record of political accomplishment beyond winning a couple elections. As a senator, both at the state and federal level, he accomplished little, and led even less. He was a fantastic campaigner, but as president, has proven himself a far less capable leader, and the two figures most responsible for creating the Obama myth, adviser David Axelrod and Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, are now scrambling to revitalize this myth in the midst of an increasingly skeptical public. Since Inauguration Day, Obama’s approval rating has fallen 20 points, a stunning decline for a politician who so recently, appeared nearly invincible.

    Obama Buyer’s Remorse | Newsflavor

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