Obama-Biden-Pelosi-Reid Stimulation Post Lubrication Continues 2013

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    Socialists tend to humanistic interpretation of all kinds of events. Jesus, for example, contended against the Law Of Moses, saying that the Law was meant for Man, Not Man for the Law. The Scribes and the Pharisees were of the more narrow opinion. The Law was meant for Men like them, to be the Law compelling Men, mostly enforced by them.

    Women were. . . .probably socialists. . .or communists. . . .or Communists(?)!

    The recent debate between the two warring U. S. Socialist factions, over central government taxing and spending: Kept the Obama-Biden-Pelosi-Reid economic stimulation more intact than it had when the Republicans were taking over from the 2010 midterms. The Republicans took Jesus Christ away from America, for example, in a gambit to confuse the Mormons, or something. The Payroll Tax was put on 2% holiday, instead of keeping the Matthew 20:1-16 based, "Make Work Pay Refundable Income Tax Credit" in place. That was in the original Stimulation. That Stimulation came after the TARP Lubrication. That had sent what deficit there was to the banker family rich.

    Now those rich have been placed in the happy situation of actually paying some of the money back. This, mostly, Republicans are not inclined to do.

    And so the stock markets worldwide have been in celebration for hours: And including in the U. S. A.!

    Stocks skyrocket: Dow gains 2.4% on 'cliff' deal

    The Party of Abraham Lincoln was of course opposed to the whole thing, and according to
    them, even from the start: When Bush-Cheney-Paulson were doing the TARP lubrication(?). Bush had come into office claiming permission from the Ivy League to lower taxes on the rich--since apparently the poor weren't paying any either(?)! The 1986 Income Tax Reform had indexed and raised the standard deduction, and personal exemptions. Most of the lower than median income tax filers had zero liability for income taxes. The Clinton Ivy League had piled even more cuts onto the 1986 reform.

    What money the Obama-Biden Ivy league did not send to the already enriched bureaucrats, public-funded-teachers, and half million dollar per year University Professors: managed to get into some small scale projects. As time would pass, then likely the cash-ridden corporations were beginning to see that they were missing out on cheap investment strategies in the low-interest rate, stimulation environment. Republicans who do management do know how to miss a lot. Mortgage-investment strategies, for example, had actually missed a lot--including any ability to repay.

    So 2013 now looks like a major Obama-Biden-Pelosi-Reid economic miracle! The economy is actually coming back from all of that. Like Reagan before him, Bush had even taken what deficit there was and sent it all to the defense contractors.

    The Republicans this year even started out with a blantant refusal to send even aid to the storm victims. They had not been all that kind to the White People either, during 1861-1865. When they finally got to emancipation: Then, "when allowed" should the newly freed be asked to labor for a wage. Amendment XIII would actually need an Amendment XIV to do what XIII was supposed to do. The Republicans had their own version of a super-majority.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (And so there would arise among the nations: The newer great advancement, race riots!(?)!)
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