Obama: All his Job Talking

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    He’s wearing America out with all his job talking. The Bee Gees got nothing on Barry. I couldn’t understand the Bee Gees and neither can I understand all of the president’s job talking, here why.

    Mr. Soetoro knew that economy was bad when he ran for office. He and the Democrats talked about president Bush like Bush had three legs. They accused Mr. Bush of giving tax breaks to the wealth, running an unfunded war and signing unfunded prescription medicine bill into law.

    When Barry became president, he told a reporter that America was out of money and was running in deep deficits and what did he and a Super Democrat majority in the Senate and House do, create jobs? No. Cut spending? No. they force through Congress the greatest social spending spree in the history of the republic. Barry didn’t stop the war as he promised he increased it, still unfunded.

    Oh he talked about jobs the whole time but that’s all he did about jobs. Job talking, he wore the job talk out but didn’t produce the jobs that he was talking about. (see7:16min video)
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