NYT Lets Cat Out Of The Bag: Soylent Green For Seniors Or Amon Goethe Uber Alles

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    [The Obama election campaign was run like Roman Emperor Caligula's, freebees for everyone who wanted to join in and believe in the Chicago Jesus's version of the loaves and fishes instead of fistfuls of gold coins tossed by the Emperor from the tops of DC's tallest buildings. An article in the NYT was designed to give the misguided electorate a glimpse of the real reality, not the one painted by David Axelrod, Stephanie Cutter and mostly Barack Obama, al Qaeda on the run despite those four little Benghazi "Bumps in the road", free contraceptives for all, groceries, gasoline, and mortgages all paid for, etc, etc, and lastly paid Government servants making sure those evil Republicans didn't dump Granny out of her wheelchair at the top of the cliff into the river below.
    But dawn eventually comes, and political campaigns eventually end for most, except those running for the job of president for life, the pot, cocaine, or the alprazalalazam aura starts to wear off and reality rears its ugly head. The authors of the Times article hint that the only solution to the nations looming budget crisis is either the Soylent Green treatment for Granny or a labor force operated similar to the way the Plazkow Concentration camp run by this generations loyal Democratic Amon Goethe for the rest of us. Those stone blocks you are forced to carry get to be a bit much and you stop for a second to catch your breath and Commandant Goethe, in his customary spot on the balcony overseeing the operations at the camp, rifle in hand, puts a 30-06 round straight through you. That'll teach you to take unauthorized breaks.
    Now how many gold teeth does the average Granny have? Do they still use human hair for pillows or for insulation in hunting jackets now? How much fertilizer will Granny yield after she's been through the ovens? Reality bites because the rich have either fled the country or decided to stop earning any more money for the indolent.]

    "Over at NRO, Stanley Kurtz deduces the emerging Democratic agenda from a New York Times op-ed column by Kenneth Baer and Jeffrey Liebman. Kurtz summarizes the column and comments on it:

    With Obama safely re-elected…we’re now beginning to hear the Democratic take on the coming demographic challenge. Today’s Baer-Liebman Op-Ed highlights the “baby boom bump,” but takes the polar opposite of a conservative approach to it. For Baer and Liebman, massive baby-boom retirements mean that it’s time to face the facts and accept a far larger government than we’ve ever seen before. They also call for “higher revenues,” along with “slower growth in our social insurance programs.”

    So the Times now sets the stage for the real economic debate of the future. Soon both Democrats and Republicans will highlight the massive baby-boom retirements to make their respective points. Voters will no longer be clueless about the fast-closing fiscal-demographic disaster, but will soon be asked to choose between two radically different ways of dealing with it. Either reform entitlements in conformity with free-market principles and avoid massive tax increases (thereby reducing benefits), or vastly expand the welfare state and tax the middle-class to pay for it, using government rationing for such cost-control as is possible.

    Conservatives have known this was the choice all along. With Obama now safely re-elected, however, the Democrats are owning up to it as well."

    The emerging Democratic agenda — illustrated! | Power Line

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