NY Times Takes Romney To Task For FEMA Funding Opposition!

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    People were likely bitterly clinging to their Sections, A, B, & C of any NY Times, Today! That was probably for warmth, while reading that Romney-Ryan intend all such persons of the 47% to not be able to get any FEMA Funding! That has been their campaign message!

    Mitt Romney's Argument For Shutting Down FEMA Ripped In New York Times Editorial

    These are people not willing to draw out millions and billions for themselves on their own: Right now from their personal accounts when they need it the most! That has been the Romney-Ryan message for months and weeks!

    Romney-Ryan are easily shown to hold all affected to be the pond scum, draining America! These are even descended from Immigrantsw and are mostly in the 99% that was famous about a year ago!

    And then toss in the Romney-Ryan demand for more Global Warming, accusing Obama of "Trying to Hold Back The Seas!" Bill Clinton is now pointing out that holding back the seas would actually have been fairly useful only 24 hours ago!

    Not a good week so far for Romney-Ryan, and then comes the photo-op tomorrow of Obama with Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, supportive on TV of Obama!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Lands of Many Nations Even Fighting International Terrorism since 1492!)

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