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    Has anyone here ever gone thru the NROTC? My son is a 17.5 year old senior in high school. He is a straight A honor student and Eagle Scout being courted by a number of colleges. He has applied to two universities and been accepted and offered to apply for thier honor colleges. Both have offered scholarships, one better than the other. They are waiting for him to commit.

    Back in 2005 while attending the Boy Scout National Jamboree, we toured the Naval Academy in Annapolis. From that and his grandfather being a WWII Marine, he began having an interest in trying to attend Annapolis and becoming and graduating 2nd Lt in the Marines. I told him about the NROTC where he could attend school closer to home and still graduate as an officer. For a couple of years this greatly interested him. As he has gotten older, the romance of it all has faded and his interest has turned to engineering as he excels in math and science.

    So, his intent has been to go to college to persue an engineering major. Then a Naval recruiter up and calls a couple of nights ago to ask if he has ever considered NROTC which of course will pay all of his education expenses. We went in to see the guy last night and I already knew what to expect. I did the whole recruiter/used car salesman thing years ago as an 18 year old. His real interest was in filling his quota and getting my son to enlist. Every time we turned the discussion to NROTC, he directed it back to enlisting and then using the GI Bill to get his education after service.

    All that being said, did any of you enter the military thru the NROTC program and what was your experience?

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