NPR To 10/25--Item 21 BAT--46% RR, 50% OB, Just Like Undecideds

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    So if Gallup Tracking has been reporting a Southern Phenomenon--or something disgusting about the South, and its concentration of heavily black populated counties--Then NPR did focus on the battleground states.

    In those states, there is a 46% in favor of Romney-Ryan, and a 50% in favor of Obama-Biden. When the undecideds are asked to the "Lean(?)" one way or the other, then they break the same way for Obama-Biden.

    And now there is calm, during the storm, as millions await lights on! Other polling seems to show a Battleground State trend tending to an Obama-Biden electoral outcome.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    Many find Romney hard to follow, follow along, and follow at all: In any description of where Romney-Ryan trend on any issues at all--in much of the newer polling!)

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