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    This post is not to be construed in any way as a “pro-illegal alien” thread. I am asking a serious question and serious answers. So, let’s put our brain cells to good use!

    Over and over again I read the “brilliant” solution to illegal immigration dilemma: “Round up all the illegal aliens and deport them”. My take on it is that it is a simple answer from a simple mind to a complex problem. For all I know no one has come up with a viable solution as to how to successfully implement such a grandiose idea. When trying to come up with a way to round up all the illegals and deporting them one must take into consideration the following (this is the reality as I see it):

    There are an estimated seven million (not sure of the figure) illegals here. Now, how do you round up 7 million illegals? How many immigration officials would be needed to find all of them?

    What about the ones that go into hiding when they hear about the massive roundups? How are you going to find them?

    What about the people who don’t exist in paper such as the ones swimming across the Rio Grande? (Coming to USA without any record of entry and living under the radar to the point where there is no record of their existence in here)? How do you go about looking for the “nonexistent” illegals?

    How do you go about identifying an illegal? Not by looks, I would assume. Most are likely Hispanic but then there are the Asians, the whites, the Arabic … simply put, from all corners of the world. Since there is no particular look that identifies an illegal person, how well would American public receive the daily interrogations imposed on anyone whatsoever by immigration officials to try to find the illegal aliens among the legal residents? How many immigration officials would be needed to conduct such interrogations in all corners of USA? Maybe implementing something akin to Marshal law? (as previously mentioned, I’d suspect that the illegal aliens would be in hiding at that point)

    What about the illegal aliens who have children here? By birth, as I understand it, the child of an illegal alien becomes a US citizen. Do you deport the illegal aliens, including the child who is an American citizen?

    Then there are the ones that keep on coming and coming and coming, besides the ones swimming across the Rio Grande, like the ones overstaying their visas and giving false information about their whereabouts to immigration officials. How do you go about finding them? Also, is there even a way to sealing the borders completely?

    Surely there are many other things to consider but those are just a few from the top of my head.

    Finding a way to deporting all the illegal aliens is an intriguing challenge to solve. I would love to know if anyone has come with a practical solution, one that would actually work. Please stay within this question.

    There is the reality and then there is the fantasy ….

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