Now 80% Demand Vote To Quit EU...

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    The EU collapsing, would be a huge blow to the NWO Globalist Elites. This is a pretty shocking development. Stay tuned.

    Demands for the British people to have a say on our role in Europe got a huge boost yesterday.

    A new poll showed more than 80 per cent of voters are crying out for a referendum. Nearly half of voters – 49 per cent – want their voices heard straight away, according to the survey. A further third, 33 per cent, believe that there should be a vote “in the next few years”.

    Yesterday’s survey by Populus underlined the strength of feeling and will fuel many MPs’ calls for greater urgency. Labour MP and former minister Kate Hoey said: “This poll shows that the message the Daily Express has been carrying for many months is resonating with the public. A referendum is not a sideline issue – it is crucial to the public and must happen.”

    Leading Tory eurosceptic MP Peter Bone said: “The political elite are scared of asking the question. They know people don’t want the EU, they don’t want the £41billion membership fee, they want border controls returned, they want decisions made in Parliament.”

    He added: “If the problem is Lib Dem Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, then the Prime Minister should say to him: ‘If you don’t like it, then go to the country, we’ve got to have this referendum”...

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