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Discussion in 'Economy' started by Neubarth, Mar 19, 2009.

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    The Global Economic Collapse appears to be gathering momentum. The Fed tried their last trump card (The buying of Government Bonds) to effectively increase the dollars in circulation. Nobody I know thinks that it will have any effect.

    The World Economy is going to sh!t on a sleighride through hell. All there is left to do is protest that the countries in Europe are not doing enough to head this off.

    Europe's lack of action is causing the American spending of thousands of billions of Dollars on twenty different things to be all for naught. The economy is still collapsing.
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    Why do you feel that doing more will be more successful than doing less? Could it be that Rahm Emanuel was giving the secret plan away, in suggesting that his party was going to milk the crisis for all of the power they could.

    “There’s basically no historical evidence since World War II that stimulus bills help,” said William Niskanen, chairman of the free-market Cato Institution in Washington. His organization ran an advertisement in national newspapers today, signed by 243 academic economists, registering their dissent. "
    More Jobs in House Bill Than Senate’s, Economists Say (Update1) -

    "America's greatest depression fighter was Warren Gamaliel Harding. An Ohio senator when he was elected president in 1920, he followed the much praised Woodrow Wilson— who had brought America into World War I, built up huge federal bureaucracies, imprisoned dissenters, and incurred $25 billion of debt.
    Harding had a much better understanding of how an economy works than FDR. As historian Robert K. Murray wrote in The Harding Era, the man who would become our 29th president "always decried high taxes, government waste, and excessive governmental interference in the private sector of the economy. In February 1920, shortly after announcing his candidacy, he advocated a cut in government expenditures and stated that government ought to 'strike the shackles from industry. . . . We need vastly more freedom than we do regulation.' "
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