Not Hard to Understand Why There is a "Racial" Aspect to LastestIinvestigations ofDem

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    Ethics cases raise racial questions - John Bresnahan and Jonathan Allen -

    It's got nothing and everything to do with color, despite all the excuse making by the liberals.

    Look at the way liberals describe anyone that criticizes Obama. It's never about his policies, it's "racism." Yes, THAT is the ONLY reasons anyone has a problem with Obama.

    Well this kind of thinking PERMEATES the Democrat party. You can't say BOO to a black elected official. That isn't to say they are held any more accountable if they are white and Democrat, BUT IF YOU ARE A BLACK -- you are part of the protected class.

    ANY suggestion of corruption is IMMEDIATELY met with "racism" charges.

    Thus it takes YEARS OF FLAGRANT CORRUPTION before something will be finally done.

    With corruptocrats like Rangel and Maxine Waters is anyone suprised they finally have to pay the piper?

    The only suggestion of racism here I can see, is people like Ted Kennedy WERE NEVER HELD ACCOUNTABLE regardless. I can't see Rangel getting away with leaving a woman to drown under a bridge.

    So, in that sense there IS a double standard.

    So, maybe there is some racism going on. But, it's going on in the Democrat party.

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